Thursday 12 November 2015

Thursday 12th November 2015 - A Technical Post

Actually I stay away from the innards of computers.

Ours has been getting more and flaky over the last couple of months, until yesterday it became totally unreasonable. Particularly about email.

Our resident technical expert set this going, and after about four hours the progress bar had got this far

The whatever it is was started around 6pm, and finished whatever is did at about 3pm the next afternoon. I think the message was to the effect that after five years of pretty intensive use, the disk was dead.

He's bought a new disk, and installed it. He says it should have finished the formatting process sometime in the wee small hours of this morning.

Then the data needs to be transferred, (if possible) from the old disk to the new one, which will fill most of Friday and maybe Saturday. If not, our most recent back-up was on Tuesday, and I happened to have copied the couple of Word documents I created after then to a memory stick for work, so that's fine.

Who knows, but the world might be back to normal by Monday?

At five years old, our PC is pretty much on borrowed time.

The next question will be what do to next. Rebuild? Replace? Buy a laptop?

Well. as far as I am concerned this has been an intensely technical post. I hope my more technically inclined readers are suitably impressed.

(I'm blogging on my laptop which is only a mere four years old. Plenty of life left in it).

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