Wednesday 18 November 2015

Wednesday 18th November - to-do/check list

Supermarket number 1 (order and collect)

ready-made tea-time sandwiches      tiny cream cakes      tiny fresh fruit tarts
fruit cakes     chocolate cake     Victoria sponge

Supermarket number 2 (click and collect)

teabags     milk     sugar     coffee     orange juice     apple juice    
sparkling water     lemonade
cherry tomatoes     water cress (for garnish)
prosecco     glass hire

Garden centre (bought in advance, for table decorations)

two patio pots of chrysanthemums, in full bloom     two trailing ivy plants
3 blocks oasis

Party Shop (bought in advance)

table confetti     banqueting roll     paper napkins     gold foil paper doilies
Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Banner - oh, I've given it all away.

Product Details

Now you know. A checklist for a Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Tea-Party.

The only thing that wasn't included in the planning is for my mother to have to go into hospital at the weekend. She's come down with a chest infection and at the moment has difficulty in swallowing. I didn't mention it earlier blog posts, as all the invitations and arrangements had been done, and we weren't sure what to do about the party. Well, sadly, my mother is not going to be well enough to come, but we have decided to go ahead with the party anyway. Some of the very close relatives (sister, niece) have travelled a long, long way get here, and will take the opportunity to visit her in hospital. The rest of us will all drink to her speedy recovery, and celebrate the Anniversary.

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