Saturday 19 December 2015

Saturday 19th December - Advent 19

Ahhh, the Christmas holidays have officially begun...

So today we, separately or together,

took a chest of drawers and several bags of stuff to charity - thanks, Dad - a wheelchair-adapted car can be SO useful

collected some ramps and bits and pieces from store, dealing in passing with a faulty spare key that jammed in the lock, necessitating bolt-croppers and issue of a new padlock

hung up washing

made up a bed

loaded washing machine

collected an order from Argus

got a load of batch-cooked slow-roast lamb into the freezer

cooked two batches of "sausage supper"

visited my mother 

zipped back home to collect something that my mother needed

called in at Sainsbury on the way home from the visit to see if we could buy food thickener for my mother

rescued a panicked motorist who had suddenly abandoned her car in the middle of a stream of traffic because there was a spider in it

mended a hearing aid

decorated a Christmas tree

made three dozen mince pies

eaten two of the portions of sausage supper, and got the other six portions ready for freezing

written a blog post

written this blog post

eaten rather a lot of the mince pies

A nice relaxing start to the holidays??

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  1. At least you have mince pies! Still waiting for mine, but at leadt the mince meat is made