Monday 4 January 2016

Monday 4th January - reposting from 23rd November 2013

Here I was, at the end of my first day back at work, relaxing, (mine's the sherry, and ALL of those cheese straws)

and idly looking at the "stats" for my blog, and the following post came up as the most-read post today:

Here's the opening section:

If you have anything to do with Change Management in your working life, then you will be familiar with the following summary of the 5 phases that people faced with CHANGE go through;

1. Shock (Denial)

2. Emotion (Anger)

3. Bargaining (If I do this then I achieve that - a kind of personal horse-trading)

4. Grief at loss (It isn't fair)

5. Acceptance (in two parts; Intellectual AND Emotional)

And it is worth a re-read, as we are basically going through the whole thing again.

Like I said. Mine's a sherry - I'm not keen on whisky. Hey - who ate all the cheese straws? Me? Really?

The dinky little jug is an Emma Bridgewater "Tree Decoration" - it holds exactly the right amount of water for His whisky.

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