Thursday 21 January 2016

Thursday 21st January - Family Life

This has been a tough week for my mother. I haven't posted about it before, as I wanted to take time to see how things would turn out.

When my husband and I visited on Sunday morning, she started having very painful cramps in her legs - continuously writhing round her calves and ankles and thighs and feet in a random fashion. She had had cramps when she had her stroke back in 2012, but back then, a very short time spent massaging the place would dispel them. This time was different; there was nothing to be done. The nurses tried everything; repositioning her in the bed, massage, and even morphine, but nothing seemed to give full relief. These cramps and pains continued, on and off, although steadily easing, for several days.

On Tuesday the physiotherapist came, and massaged my mother's legs which improved some blue blotchy patches which had appeared. These were thought to perhaps be indications of a circulation problem.

She has been very drowsy all week, and unable to swallow the various pills and potions that she is still receiving, including the antibiotic, for a chest infection that started last week.

This morning, my father said that she eventually woke up enough to read a bit of the newspaper, and to slowly drink some hot chocolate, but did not speak. She later fell asleep again.

This evening, the doctor phoned to say that my mother's condition has deteriorated considerably. She is definitely unable to speak, although appears to understand what is said, and, as far as they can tell, is not in pain. They are not sure what has happened yet, but it may be another stroke.

We shall just have to see how things go from here. I am visiting tomorrow, and will post again afterwards.

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