Tuesday 5 January 2016

Tuesday 5th January - Family Life

I lose track of which flowers I have posted. These are the "Christmas" snowdrops, a week after Christmas. Looking very cheerful and encouraging. (Here's a picture taken in the week before Christmas, so you can see how they have come along)

There's nothing much to say regarding any of the family; the offsprings and I have all "gone back to work", and my husband never stopped "working" over the "holiday". He really has been keeping the show on the road regarding the background tasks of meals, shopping, clearing up.

Things have stabilised to the point where my father is going to and from the Nursing Home every day under his own steam - he was originally advised NOT to drive himself, as the Nursing Home is on a dangerous blind bend, and the whole situation was far too stressful back then for him to be sure of being able to give it all the attention it requires for everyone's safety.

My mother has moved from "puree" to "mashed" food, which has made her meals more palatable. She is reading newspapers and books again, and generally taking much more of an interest in everything. The physiotherapist visited today, and has said that it is not realistic to do any standing, let along stepping, as my mother isn't strong enough. But she is showing more inclination to sit up in her electric wheelchair occasionally, which will help her chest and breathing. Small steps, small improvements.


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