Sunday 24 July 2016

Summer Quotation for Sunday 24th July

Three posts in a row, so that I don't lose the quotations that I've found so far:

"Le couer a ses prisons que l'intelligence n'ouvre pas" - Marcel Jouhandeau

It looks as though he had a difficult life - I'm not going into details because you can read a potted biography here  on wikipedia.

But I was delighted to discover this on the wikipedia page:

"During World War I, he was initially a secretary in his hometown of Guéret. In 1924 he published "Pincegrain", a barely disguised chronicle of the inhabitants of Guéret, which shocked the people of the town."

Guéret est la préfecture de la Creuse depuis la création du département en 1790

I wonder if D E Stevenson ever came across his writings - this is exactly the plot of her book "Miss Buncle's Book" which I read recently and enjoyed hugely.

The quotation project is proving to be a mine of non sequiteurs and serendipitous information.

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