Friday 11 November 2016

Friday 11th November 2016 - Cats

It has taken our two cats a long time to work out how to communicate with us. When we got them, we assigned them a birth date of 1st March 2003, on the grounds that they probably were around 6 weeks old. That makes them 13 years and 9 months old - properly grown up - past their prime, to be brutally honest.

 They have quite different personalities. Here's McCavity, the "downstairs" cat, trying out my new bag for size some time last year.

And Leo, the "upstairs" cat, enjoying a warm spot by the radiator in our bedroom.

Here's a VERY RARE moment indeed - both of them sharing the same piece of furniture without any hissy fits.

I think this has only happened once since; except, of course, when we dump them in the cattery, where they are forced to share a pen and put up with each other at close quarters for a week or more.

Anyway, McCavity has suddenly learned how indicate that she would like to be groomed; with her long fur she has always been susceptible to "Bad Hair Days". Leo has learned how to inform us their plates are empty, or that the kitchen door to upstairs is closed. She is also always encouraging me to to a take a duvet day so that she can spend hours asleep on my feet (keeping me awake in the process).

No such luck this week - although I have taken a couple of days off work with a sore throat and wobbly knees, I haven't stayed in bed this time.

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