Thursday 17 November 2016

Thursday 17th November - This week isn't going the way I'd like

My lovely husband came down with a Proper Cold two weeks ago. Raised temperature, sore throat, cough, wobbly knees; all that kind of thing.

By the following Monday he'd shared his bad luck with me, and I baled out of all my class teaching that week, after struggling through Monday.

I thought I was better this week - and got as far as lunchtime today before ringing in sick and starting on the anti-biotics....

However, I have learned a useful little tip which I will share with you...

When consuming soup and garlic bread whilst propped up in bed, I recommend that you hold a piece of bread in one hand, to wipe the bottom of the spoon on before raising said spoon to your lips. That way, you have eliminated the danger of dollops of soup (chicken, tomato and chorizo in this case) dripping onto the sheets or down the front of your jumper. Works like a charm.

Tomorrow, after having an easy afternoon and evening, I shall have another go at teaching - it's all individual or small group teaching, in 20 or 30 minute lessons. A great deal less exhausting than 45 minute class teaching, I can assure you.

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