Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Tuesday 15th November - BBC Radio World Service

Where would I be without it?

Last night was another restless, wakeful night, but I don't mind them so much now. A couple of years ago I spotted headphones like these at John Lewis, reduced in the post-Christmas sale (mine are a tasteful grey/black/white fair isle design) and, with some misgivings, forked out a tenner for them.

Knitted Headphone Earmuffs

They are much easier to sleep in than conventional "stick-'em-in-yer-ear" earphones.

So when I can't sleep, I connect myself up to my trusty mp3 player/radio and listen/doze to BBC World Service. I get to half listen to some fascinating topics which I wouldn't otherwise put myself in the way of. Sometimes it's a quiz, or book programme. Other times it can be factual reports about anything, anywhere in the world. Whatever it is, I'm almost certain to drop off to sleep.

 The only problem is that their hourly news service is heralded by an energetic trumpet/xylophone fanfare which can jolt me awake... 

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