Tuesday 1 November 2016

Tuesday 1st Nov - Here we go again

National Blog Promotion Month starts again today...

I'll do my best - which won't be good this week - I am jet-lagged from a trip to Canada over half term visiting good friends over half-term. The live on the Niagara Escarpment - an amazing feature. Here are a few pictures I've found on wikipedia... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niagara_Escarpment

no snow when we were there

This is from the Bruce Trail which follows the escarpment; we went to a look-out point which gave us this kind of view

Wave in Lake Ontario.jpg
(Most of the time the weather was amazing for October, although the Lake did look like this one day)

We got back yesterday morning. I didn't try and sleep on the flight, so was awake from 7am Toronto time on Sunday until 9pm English time on Monday. I can tell you a slept like a log on Monday night! I had tried to make Monday into a day off, but one piano pupil turned up in the afternoon (had I forgotten to tell her?) so I managed to teach, and I also had last-year's (delayed) appraisal conversation with my line manager over the phone. She needed to get it finished, and that was the only time we could find. I warned her I might not be very with-it; and indeed I wasn't. But it was a straightforward process, so it wasn't too demanding.

However, today was "Tuesday-as-usual" - five piano lessons, three class music lessons, and then another four lessons in the evening.

BB also had a "working" day - shopping for food, researching a battery for his car, organising some kind of solution for the problem of our freezer (which is slowly giving up being a freezer and becoming a fridge), collecting the cats from the cattery and cooking the evening meal.

So, how was Canada? Awesome, as they say. But I'll post on properly important topics when I have more than three functional brain cells...

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