Wednesday 9 November 2016

Wednesday 9th November - Christmas....

I've had another "duvet" day, not exactly in bed. I've taught a couple of piano pupils - I can do that sitting down, using a normal voice. However I have cried off teaching three classes of primary music. Standing up, projecting enough voice to carry over thirty children all playing samba instruments was just not going to happen with my wobbly knees and unreliable throat.

Tomorrow, I shall do some more piano teaching, but leave class teaching until Friday.

Meanwhile, I have been beavering away arranging Christmas carols for keyboard/viola/piano pupils, and taking time to enjoy the activities on my jacquie lawson advent calendar;

Kind Friends have sent me one, and I have decorated a tree;

created a wreath

and done the jigsaw puzzles. I shall have to wait a couple of weeks before I can start opening the baubles!

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