Monday 27 February 2017

Monday 27th February - End of Half Term, and Inset Days

Inset Days are non-teaching days, when the school is closed for staff training, or data recording, or report-writing, or whatever the Head decided is a Good Thing To Do. The tend to be scheduled for the first day of term, or either side of half term, or the last day of term.

Us Peri teachers have to be on the alert, as the school doesn't always let us know. The parent of this morning's piano pupil emailed me last week to make sure that I knew (thank you - as I didn't know). Then this afternoon, having eaten my lunch early, packed my bag, put on my coat, I had a sudden thought, and went on the school website. And saw this;

So I took off my coat, made a cup of tea and started to write a blog post. I'm not sorry to be staying in - the weather is dreich and I've things to be getting on with.

One of the things on my list for this half term was to start my vegetable garden. Today I have planted 4 brussel sprout seeds, 4 broad beans, 4 little gem lettuce seeds and 12 radish seeds. The pots of earth are distributed around the house on sunny windowsills where I hope they won't get forgotten. I have made notes in my brand new gardening notebook and packed all the seed packets and my notebook into a plastic wallet. I've been wanting to grow vegetables in an organised and planned and intentional fashion for several years now. So far, so good, but I have to admit it is Very Early Days.

Broad Beans in the cardboard boxes, sprouts in the loo-rolls, lettuces in the pots.

Mothering Sunday presents from two years ago in bloom.

More lettuces, and radishes. Now the waiting begins...

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