Sunday 26 March 2017

Sunday 26th March 2017 - Rescued from the doldrums by a ball of blue wool

Hi folks...

I'd have to go and get my diary from upstairs in order to remember what has been happening - these days I can barely remember yesterday, let alone last Monday.

I was feeling particularly bleah on Wednesday - it's kind of standard for mid-week, as Tuesday is my heaviest day of teaching. Five individual piano lessons at one school, then off to the next establishment where I bolt my lunch, refine my planning and then teach three primary school class music lessons, and then home just in time to make (but not drink) a cup of tea before another three piano lessons and a theory lesson. That's eight lessons which I consider to be my limit.

Anyway, on Wednesday I set off to the afternoon school feeling, as I said, a bit bleah. However, when I got home, my latest yarn delivery had arrived! Whoop whoop! It has taken me most of a month to finally make up my mind which pullover I was going to knit next, and which colour. It didn't take me long to cast on the stitches and get going. I know you are supposed to do a swatch first, but I figured that I would start knitting, and check the tension once there was enough length, promising myself that I would Definitely Start Again if it wasn't right. The fingers crossing thing seems to have worked (probably because I kept them un-crossed while I was actually doing the knitting) to I have carried on;

It's knitted from the neck down to the waist, on circular needles, which is why it looks a bit weird. I've got as far as the top of shoulders now; quite soon I shall have to pay proper attention to the pattern to work out what happens when the sleeves start happening.

The main advantage of all this knitting is that it is making it so much easier to keep to my Lent resolution of giving up FreeCell for Lent.

Although yesterday was a tricky moment for that; I couldn't knit or do too much with my hands as I had the first of a series of annual infusions of the amazingly named zolendronic acid to treat osteoporosis (which I've got as a consequence of the steroids, I guess). They did a really neat job at the hospital - once I was home there was barely a pin-prick to be seen, but I thought it was inadvisable to do too much. A bit of clicky-clicky on FreeCell would have been so relaxing, but I managed to hold back. I restricted myself to teaching just the one piano lesson, and the African Djembe lesson. Maybe the djembe session was a bit rash, but I did most of the drumming one handed.

Once I've finished this blogpost I shall get going on the pullover again - it is SO addictive, watching it grow.

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