Friday 2 June 2017

Friday 2nd June - unwelcome telephone call

I'm typing this on my tablet, a slow process compared to rattling away on the computer keyboard. That's because I am a little reluctant to switch on the computer until I get the all-clear from the IT guru (currently rescuing daughter from the snarls of Southern Rail).

We had one of the usual scam phone calls; "this is *insert name of famous computer software company* and you have a problem with your security blah blah"

The IT guru responded robustly, but not rudely, and put the phone down. The scammer called back, and again, and again... with increasing urgency about the imminent security disaster that would ensue if we didn't switch on the computer and let him on straight away.

We resorted to the samba whistle...

Is he still out there, lurking somewhere in the wires, ready to pounce?

I think I'll wait for a while before I use it again.

Hang on. Visiting IT guru has just appeared and said we are safe; said scammer cannot actually fit through the cables. Phew.

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