Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Wednesday 21st June - Slug-catchers

Who would have thought that our silicone mini-tongs

Zeal Silicone Mini Kitchen Tongs - Lime Green

would have made such brilliant slug-catchers? (We've got the pink ones).

Don't worry, I put them through the dishwasher afterwards.

I might add these

to my birthday list ready for next year's war-on-slugs.

I'm reluctant to poison them because of birds and hedgehogs and I'm too squeamish to squish them or drop them into a bucket of water, salty or otherwise. Throwing them over the back fence into the waste ground isn't a reliable solution, as they are homing creatures. You need to whang them at least 20 metres away, apparently.

So, I pick them off the plants and drop them into the garden waste recycling bin. That's still not the perfect solution, as every time I open the lid they are at the top, ready to make a slow sprint for freedom.

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