Monday, 24 July 2017

Monday 24th July - It's Raining

Rain - like I said ages ago, I have a different view of rain now that I have a vegetable garden on the go.

I planted some seeds a week ago, and they have all come up! The radishes were first, but the pak choi, spring onions and beetroot have all got little shoots now.
spring onion
pak choi
beetroot, I promise...

The peas and beans are growing like mad - we've had several meals of french beans so far. The peas never seem to make it into the saucepan, as we both like eating them straight from the pod. Freshly-picked straight from the pod! That's a revelation! I'm looking forward to home-grown sprouts.

french beans
brussel sprouts beginning to form
Slugging, however, is going to have to become a regular activity. As you can see, they have been eating the peas and beans, and getting altogether too bold.

Slug on outside - us on the inside! 
I grab them with the silicone tongs and drop them into the garden recycling bin. Every time I open the lid, I discover them clustered around the rim, but they are too slow to make a dash for freedom.

The last lot of spinach bolted (I read that hot weather makes this happen) so I'm about to plan more, and some lettuce as well as we have actually had to BUY lettuce this week.

And how about this tomato! What a beauty!

The bay tree is surrounded by tomato plants which appeared from nowhere - proof positive that tomato seeds can survive composting. I've yet to see any evidence that they will produce fruit.

Vegetable gardening has been fun - so far - even with all the watering back in the dry weather.

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