Friday 1 September 2017

Friday 1st September - the electric toothbrush

Two minutes seem to take forever - morning and evening, buzzing away with the electric toothbrush. I try and while away the time seeing if I can count to 30 in exactly 30 seconds, when there is a little blip of a pause before the next 30 seconds start. 30 isn't a musical number. Musical numbers tend to be (but aren't always) multiples of 4. I've started counting in French or German to make it more interesting; it also means I count more slowly as I try and remember how it goes.

When I did First Aid training and CPR, we were told to do 30 chest compressions. That doesn't exactly work while you are singing "Staying Alive" to get the tempo right. So I asked if it was ok to do 32 instead. Eight phrases, each four beats long. It was a Music Teacher's course I was on, after all. (32 compressions, some "rescue breaths" - I'll need to look up how many as I've forgotten -  and away you go again).


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