Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday 13th November - 7th November

Autumn... the season of mists - I've driven through a few in the past few weeks - and red-bronze leaves - I've driven through whirling clusters of these too - and fireworks - the best of these I've seen is the silver birch at the end of our road with the little golden petal shaped leaves falling from the thin twiggy branches like "Golden Rain" without the fizzy noises....

But it isn't Autumn anymore.

The 7th November is the first day of Winter.

See here for details;

I'm trying to remember; the 7th was, ah yes, last Tuesday. Can't remember what the weather was like back then -too long ago. I think there was ice on the roof of my car one day last week...

But today, as far as I am concerned, was the first properly cold day of Winter. Himself had to scrape the car when he set off to take daughter to work (trains? or something? dunno, wasn't really awake).

Ok, Canadian friends, I know you've already had snow. That what comes of living in a more southerly latitude to us. You should try living in the frozen northern latitudes like us poor beggars. You might get snow and degrees of frost, but we get seeping English shivery-ness that creeps through to the skin...

Ginger wine. That's the right medicine for today.

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