Monday 6 November 2017

Monday 6th November 2017 - small pleasures

Here we are, just going to bed, when he says "Have you done today's blogpost?"
"Oh poo", I reply, because I haven't.

What a wonderful thing my yogabook is! And how wonderful to have a kind husband who goes downstairs and fetches it up to me so that I can get it done in time!

The only problem now is to think of something interesting to write about. I'd hate to waste his kindness.

Today has been a day of many small pleasures. I suspect most days are like this, if I managed to remember the the little happinesses as they occur.

An adult piano pupil who accomplished more in one week than I expected her to achieve in a month. Another adult pupil who surprised by what she was able to do in the lesson, and found herself reconsidering her abilities.

Morning mist turning into a clear, crisp, sunny autumn day.

The excitement of the year three schoolchildren at seeing their teachers dressed as Romans, Egyptian mummies and cavemen (and women) to introduce a history project.

Toast and plum jam.

The smell of peppermint.

A sprawling array of Christmas Cactus flowers on the kitchen windowsill (the photograph will have to wait until tomorrow).

Today has been ordinary, but in a good way. Plain, but not dull or boring.

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