Saturday, 11 November 2017

Saturday 11th November - Proper Post

I don't think just copying a post from another blog counts as a proper NaBloProMo post....

so if you thought I was trying to cheat, think again!

Today started with rescuing a largish spider from the bath... it should be somewhere in the garden now, unless it managed to cling on to the windowsill as I threw it out.

I remember the time, many years ago now, when there was a HUGE spider in the bath. Stupidly I decided to try and flush it down the plughole. That was a seriously bad idea. It seemed to be safe to climb into a lovely hot bath, but then it suddenly appeared from the overflow and dropped into the water...

I erupted from the bath, causing great tidal waves of hot soapy water to flood the floor. Pausing only grab a towel and to pull out the bathplug (thank goodness that was back in the days when it was still attached to the chain, so I didn't have to put my hand into spider-infested waters) I fled the scene.

Not one of the best days...

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