Thursday 30 November 2017

Thursday 30th November - Endings, Beginnings, Anticipations

I'll rattle in this last National Blog Promotion Post before I forget... because once I'm in bed I'm off-line, switched off, hibernating, until 7:30 a tomorrow morning!

BEGINNINGS - not of Advent, but of Advent Calendars.
He has filled my Advent Calendar with Good Things. I haven't even begun to think what to put in his. So long as I can remedy that before midnight tomorrow I shall be happy. My afternoon school has cancelled their whole class guitar lesson on Friday afternoon as they need the time and space to set up for their Christmas Fair. That gives me a window to search the town for itty-bitty things to put in the itty-bitty drawers.

After my birthday is when I start thinking properly about Christmas. We will usually have talked about dates and plans within the family before then; who will stay where, when they plan to arrive, how long they think they might be there and so on.

ADVENT begins of the fourth Sunday before Christmas, which is Sunday 3rd. I'll be playing at the early service. I've chosen

O Come, O Come Emmanuel - I'm always pleased when I get to choose for the first Sunday becuase this is one of my all-time favourites

Come Let Us Sing of a Wonderful Love which I rather suspect no-one will know... I can't find a good youtube with a choir, but this one has the tune, the words and a lovely video of sheep and the moors and so on....

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear because I love that song, and it is all about peace and goodwill 

I rather think I may get some stick for the last two. But no-one is paying the (organ)-piper, so I gets to call the tunes....

I've signed up to  join a group of bloggers posting Advent Reflections on the theme of "A Pause for Advent" for the four Sundays in Advent - It is being hosted by Angela at 

If you look at the top of her page, you will find a list of Advent Pausers, Posters and Readers, including A-Letter-From Home - how exciting!

I've yet to work out what I shall be reflecting on. Is it cheating to read everyone else's first for ideas? Possibly....

Oh, it snowed today. Just a fine dusting at playtime, enough to make the children really excited!

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