Thursday 7 December 2017

Thursday 7th December 2017 - Oddly convenient

As well as reading Luke's gospel in Advent, I have two other projects on the go.

One is to listen to the piece of music for the day in my birthday present book

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which has already introduced me to the most wonderful choral work that I am saving to listen to again on Christmas Eve (I'll let you in on the secret then).

The other is "doing" the Julia Cameron book "The Artist's Way".

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I'm finding the language a bit "fey" and "new-age-y" and coy with respect to dealing with the idea of  God and Spirituality and Creativity, and a bit overly gloopy in the way the "Affirmations" are written. But some of the tasks, and the daily "morning pages", when you just fill three pages with handwriting about whatever falls out of your mind and into your pen and onto the page intruiging.

This week's main "task" (among a whole host of other things, which I just pick and choose as I go along) is Reading Deprivation. Wow!

A week of Not Reading. So, my current books ("The Children of Greene Knowe" by Lucy M Boston and "Fierce Imaginings" by Rachel Mann) are on hold, and so is Luke's Gospel. Luckily, I had read the chapter before I read this week's directive to Not Read.

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I've decided to make an exception for the couple of pages of the Gospel, but have printed them out so that I don't inadvertently read any more than just that Chapter. And regarding the "Year of Wonder", I read just enough of the page to find out what today's music is ("In the mists", 1: Andante by Janacek) I try and shut the book quickly so as not to read the blurb.

The thing is, how convenient is that - only one Chapter of Luke in the week that I'm supposed to be experiencing a week of Reading Deprivation!

So far I've managed to not read any blogs, or facebook (well, nearly no facebook) or twitter all week. I must admit my fingers do stray towards the icons on the desktop, but then I quickly snatch them back. No real cheating has happened yet!

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