Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday 11th March 2018 - Mothering Sunday

I got given this!

Totally brilliant! Also flowers, cards and cake which are all always welcome...

But This! A battery operated lightbox with interchangeable letters! So, so good, I need to post two photos.

I'm tempted to use it for all sorts of things. For example... I could change it so that the first line is blank, and the next two lines say "can play my scales!" and let pupils put their names up in lights!

Oh Yeah!

Yesterday I got out my mini voice changer that someone gave me for... was it a birthday? Christmas? Mothering Sunday? Can't remember.

World's Smallest Voice Changer, Assorted

It is an excellent device for scaring assisting pupils to remember their sharps and flats and fingerings.

I have been doing sums; specifically counting; something has gone a bit crazy in my life, as I am now teaching 42 piano and theory pupils, and 2 small groups of recorder pupils, and 7 lessons of class music, and 1 school choir, and 1 school singing assembly, and 1 class of guitars, and 1 drumming group and 2 keyboard groups, every week. I think that is 57 groups in total. Which is around 30 hours of teaching as some lessons are 20 minutes, some are 30 mins, some are 45 mins and some last the whole hour. How did that happen? Somehow I can't have been paying attention to how my days were filling up.

Bit it does explain why, by the time I get to Wednesday, two things happen. Firstly I get just a leetle teeny weeny less patient in the lessons, and then, at about 8pm, I fall asleep.
Things Will Have To Change.

I have already arranged to swap the keyboard groups (90 mins) for some piano teaching (80 mins), so there's a ten minute reduction in workload after Easter. 

Meanwhile, I shall enjoy my cake, and flowers, and cards, and light-box!

Now, I need to send that lad an email to remind him to get some music to me, and order a load of music books for those pupils, and adjust my calendar to take into account school trips, assemblies and a music exam that I will accompany on Friday. Situation Normal for Sunday...

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