Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Wednesday 11th April 2018 - So what does my new car look like?

I realised this morning that I couldn't remember anything about what a Vauxhall Corsa looks like. Apart from it being a two-door hatchback, and being black. Something like this, maybe?  
Image result for black car image creative commons

In the morning we did a bits and pieces - arranging the insurance for my new supercar, turning up to play for a church service/sing-along at a local home (standing in for the usual pianist; catastrophe averted - I was convinced it was on Thursday, but he was certain it was today - and he was right!)

Then into town to buy mundane essentials missed off the proper list, and to shift the money into the right account, ready to pay, and also a chance to have another look at a black Vauxhall Corsa, parked a few spaces along from us.

Turns out it looks more like this -
Image result for black car image creative commons
higher and dumpier than my old car, but plenty of room in the boot for the samba drums and djembe and all the other stuff I load up with in the mornings.

Lunch in town, then home to carry on with the good work - unearthing all the components for a Poang chair which is going to the new flat. In the process we have sorted out quite a lot of ancillary stuff - who knew there was all that lego in the bottom of the cupboard? And empty cardboard boxes and other stuff to sort into charity donation, recycle and chuck-in-the-bin.

We've also finished the jigsaw (and the cheese straws) this afternoon. A slight crisis - one of the pieces was missing;

This is the first time the puzzle has been out of the box - were we going to have to send off to the manufacturers for a replacement?

Turns out there was an easy answer; the piece had fallen onto the chair, and Leo was asleep on it.

It's a very pretty picture, with loads of "whimsy" pieces and trick pieces to add to the interest (and difficulty).

One to do again. It was surprisingly enjoyable, and peaceful, working on the jigsaw together - I foresee the beginnings of a new tradition of holiday jigsaws.

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