Wednesday 30 May 2018

Wednesday 30th May - Food, Health, and so forth

I've just finished a slew of appointments;

Dentist - the broken tooth turned out to be a broken crown; some of the porcelain has sheered off, but luckily no action is required. In passing she (the dentist) gave my teeth and gums an industrial level clean. "Owch, ooch, owch, aargh," I went, but not out loud. "Not so much bleeding this time." I have to say I was surprised...

Hospitals - the chest clinic have pronounced "no change, come back in six months". That's good news. The cardiologist agreed; "no change, come back in, now, should it be a year? or six months? Hmm." The paper he handed me said nine months. The rheumotologist also agreed, both with "no change" and "nine months." She also advised that people needed ten minutes in the sun, four times a week, to maintain their vitamin D levels, and that "you should take a supplement in Winter, this British weather in Winter, it is no good at all" (she is Italian). And you should eat meat, every week, to keep your iron levels up "this Popeye, spinach idea, it is all nonsense." I am liking her more and more each time I see her.

So we had melt in the mouth steak for supper tonight; the first for many, many months. Mainly because Himself is in charge of all things steak-related; choosing, buying, cooking. From when he got the hernia back in October/November last year, until after the recovery from the op back in February this year, standing over a hot griddle cooking the perfect steak was not a possibility.  Welcome back, chef, sez I. No pictures, as it is all et up.

Tomorrow, I hope to be reunited with my kefir culture, which I lent to a friend for safekeeping while we were away. Meanwhile I have set some yoghurt to replicate itself;

Heat up some milk, let it cool to blood heat.
Put a couple of tablespoons of live yoghurt into a food flask
Stir in the cooled milk
Put the lid on the flask and leave overnight.
Hey presto! More yoghurt!
You can use this "more yoghurt" to create "even more yoghurt" until it stops working or you accidentally eat it all.

And some time this week, I shall set up my next batch of kimchi... be afraid, be very afraid!

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