Friday 9 November 2018

Friday 9th November - And the wall came a-tumbling down...

The Berlin Wall started to come down in November 1989. Remember where you were then? I was in a hotel on a training course - can't remember where. We all stood around in the bar, watching the television n astonishment.

Mstislav Rostropovitch went there on the 9th November (the Wall, not my hotel) and played the Bach Sarabande in D minor from the cello suites Here's the whole suite, and here's an extract from the suite, filmed at the Wall on That Day.

I wonder if yesterday's drum lesson was lacking sparkle because I was slowly succumbing to an Autumn lurgy? I have cancelled this evening's drumming workshop because I am now feeling completely  stupidified. I was quite proud of myself for driving home without any mishap.

Oh, but the trees are glorious now. The benefit of driving to this school is going along lanes with beech trees, all now a wonderful bronze brown. There is a occasional blaze of bright red maple or a flame-yellow tree - would that be a birch? But the leaves are often quite big. It was gusty and rainy this morning, and the leaves were tumbling along our road as though pursed. It always reminds me of the record cover from the recording of Peer Gynt when I was a child;

Greig: Music For Peer Gynt [LP]

I remember how the violence of the storm came out of the picture.

I have been practising standing on one leg while I brush my teeth. Standing on one leg is supposed to be good for strengthening your 'core'. When I was younger we didn't have 'cores'. I change over from one leg to the other when the toothbrush beeps, every 30 seconds, which is just about when I am beginning to lose my balance. It is quite complex, to consider balancing, moving the toothbrush along your teeth, and trying not to dribble toothpaste all at one time.

From the BBC 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor site;

You get a sense of just how good your sense of balance really is by attempting to balance on one foot with your eyes closed: Bend one knee and lift the foot — if you’re right-handed, stand on your left leg and lift the right foot; you don’t need to lift it high – about 6 inches off the floor.
Do this with a hand very near something ready to steady yourself in case you fall!
The chart below shows how long you should be able to keep this up for, without falling over or having to put your foot down 

Image result for stand on one leg and brush teeth

I thought this chart was lacking in challenge at first sight, then I noticed the words I have highlighted...with your eyes closed... I suspect that will make all the difference.

I shan't try it until I have stopped feeling stupified by this cold.

Oh well, I did give it a go just now. HE looked at me as though I was mad. It is unexpectedly tricky to begin with. Neither of us managed even 4 seconds to begin with!

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