Monday 19 November 2018

Monday 19th November - It's Monday

Monday - Funday? No, but an OK day. A 'Back-to-work' day. I was mulling over how much I had enjoyed being at home Not Working , especially as although I wasn't well, I wasn't exactly ill. I whiled away a few minutes calculating the financial effects of giving up this, that or the other job. Hmm. Maybe not yet. (But soon?)

He gave me a lift to and from the local school in the afternoon, which saved me walking in cold and unsettled weather (he went shopping in between, so it fitted in quite well)

I didn't do quite a full day of teaching, as one poor little mite was unwell and couldn't come. That gave me some time to spend continuing the long-winded process of re-doing the hem of one of the jerseys I knitted; this will be the second time that I have gone through this. A lesson on patience and perseverance. But there's no point in leaving it how it was, if that meant I didn't want to wear it.

After I wrote the last post we stayed up to watch a Joan Hickson 'Miss Marple' last night; '4.50 from Paddington'. One of my favourites; and one of the later ones. There was a smidgeon of 1950s glamour here and there.

Joan Hickson.jpg

We also watched Dr Who - mainly based on Amazon shopping as far as I could make out. Never Pop Bubble Wrap. You have been warned.

There isn't much news - how can there be 'news' every day? I wouldn't life to be Too Exciting.

Today's music was the hottest stuff around in its day - John Evelyn wrote about the composer violinist in his diary.

'Ground after the Scotch Humour'  composed by Nicola Matteis


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