Tuesday 6 November 2018

November 6th - Time flies when you're having fun

It only seems a couple of hours since I put up the last post... oh yeah. It WAS only ten and a half hours ago...

Since then I have

  • taught piano or theory to fourteen children
  • drunk one cup of tea and three cups of coffee
  • read a chunk of the new Book Club choice
  • used up all my brain cells

I've also listened to today's music - twice, because it was so totally different to most of the music I listen to. Called 'Density 21.5' by Edgard Verese. It is a piece for solo flute.
This performance received a lot of very complimentary comments, although this listener didn't have modern classical music in mind when he googled 'Density 21.5'

I was just trying to cheat on my chemistry homework, didn't think this was a real song 😂

I hope he managed to finish his chemistry homework.

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