Wednesday 21 November 2018

Wednesday 21st November - What-a-Mess day?

I am surrounded by so much disorganisation. I can't complain as it mostly mine. That's what happens when you take time off work for trivialities like illness; it's almost easier to dose yourself up with pills and potions and go into work - which is what I used to do in my younger days.

That's alright when you are still in your first half century, but the closer I get to the old 'three-score-and-ten', the less successful this strategy seems to be.

So now, the dining table looks like this again

a horrible tangle of the consequences of this week's work so far. A letter to be answered, the music for 'Happy Birthday' to be adjusted to reflect what the child concerned will actually play in his music test, various bits of music that have been used in various lessons, and endless folders to be updated and sorted to reflect the lessons taught so far this week.

Oh well, all in good time. Time. Ah yes, that commodity which has to be re-allocated in order to find space to make up the twenty-three lessons I should have taught last week and which need to happen before the end of term in order to meet various contracts and expectations.

Good job I'm super-human. (ha ha ha) 

I'm ignoring all of this in favour of preparing a perfect, energising, all-singing (literally) and dancing (figuratively) lesson for my line manager to be bowled over with tomorrow afternoon. Something along these lines? I'm planning to teach crotchets and quavers.

Meanwhile, here is today's music; very beautiful, but very sombre...

'When I am laid in earth' from 'Dido and Aeneas, composed by Henry Purcell. Famous as an example of a Ground Bass. It is very famous, deservedly so, for the genius of the melody, and of its construction. This version is sung by Emma Kirkby, one of my favourite singers of all time.

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