Monday, 20 May 2019

Monday 20th May - what? wha? wh?

This is roughly how the day began and ended today - so much happened... everything changed every moment...

 I filled up the first half hour of the day, before anything external invaded our lives by writing out a piece of music I will need on Wednesday, when I will be giving a piano lesson to a bored 11-year-old-teenager who doesn't like practising. Banal, maybe, but will fit the bill nicely. I'm not sure how to finish it, so I left the ending for another time;

It is a sort of mish mash of all the teenager-y compositions I have ever listened to...

Now, remember, it is still morning and we have only just finished our first cup of coffee of the day.. 
Name one important thing to have got completely sorted by the time the painter turns up at 8.30 am on a Monday morning.

Well, B and Q opens at 8:30 so while we was setting up we went out and bought two 5l cans of it. I can't exactly remember what colour we settled on - I think it was Almond White. Whatever. It will be much better than the tired old paint we had before.

We also snaffled a bag of earth and other bits and pieces for the garden, so I was able to plant the tomato seedlings I was given yesterday - two for hanging baskets, two for tubs in the veggie patch.

A telephone call from my father brought useful information regarding the process for arranging for my Godmother to move into a flat of her own in the same accommodation as him. More immediately, it meant that I wasn't going to have to try and arrange a meeting with the manager into the gap between teaching piano from home (9.30 to 11 am) and teaching at a local school (1.30 to 3pm)

Only 9.30 am -  time for teaching at home...

and afterwards, time to start a 14 day on-line writing course, where you spend half an hour a day, every day, for 14 days to try and get going, while he cooks




More piano teaching




Blog post

I don't usually resort to 'language' but these cat pictures just seemed to fit the bill.

Definitely a Three Chocolate Biscuit day.

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