Tuesday 7 May 2019

Tuesday 7th May - Back to work

Good Morning Everyone!

Time for a quick blog post before I set off to work...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's of to work I go, with a bucket and spade and

an extraordinary assortment of stuff crammed into my back pack - music books and stickers and staplers and glue sticks and blu tac and prizes and stars and pencils and packed lunch and travel mug and this and that and the other. However I have refrained from un-plumbing the kitchen sink and taking that as well.

My efforts to keep the table tidy are still effective

and I have finished two granny squares

and this weird and wonderful bit of knitting is my cardigan

Let me explain -  at the lower edge, nearest the chair, is the left sleeve, which morphs into the left front and the back. Moving up the table, you will see that I have cast off the left front, continuing to knit the back, and then cast on the right front. Now, at the top edge, I have reached the point where I cast off the right front and the back, and I am about to make the right sleeve. Seemples.

Then I will pick up stitches to knit a broad edge for the left and right front, and incidentally make a collar across the back. Fold the thing in half, sew up the side seams and - voila - a cardigan.

Except that I want to make the sleeves longer, so I have arranged things so that once I know how much wool I have left, I can do some Hard and Difficult Thinking to work out how to achieve this without too many retries. Memo to self - do this before sewing up the seams.

This Bank Holiday weekend has been the coldest for many years according to the weather people. I concur. I have not been out in the garden At All, but luckily it seems to have been getting on without me.

I sowed some seeds over the Easter weekend; the spinach is looking promising in the top left tub, the broad beans survived the winter and are still in flower, the bottom left tub, half obscured, shows a faint hope of beetroot, and the radish is looking most enthusiastic.

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