Thursday 22 August 2019

Thursday 22nd August - cat update

Chaos, really.

Came down this morning to be greeted by McCavity, looking very fed up. So was I, when I realised that Leo was no-where to be seen.

Turns out that somehow the clever electronic cat flap had allowed Leo out but kept McCavity in. (We thought we had programmed it to keep both cats in.)

So, poor old McCavity was kept shut in, with only finely chopped roast chicken to eat (she scorns finely chopped roast chicken and would rather have Felix) and forced to use the litter tray - thanks, McCavity. Neat job.

Leo, supposedly needing extra special care, has been out on the tiles all night. She has discovered a taste for finely chopped roast chicken and prefers it to Felix. Good luck with that for the future, I say.

Meanwhile I am trying to reschedule everything around her post-op check with the veterinary nurse tomorrow afternoon. Oh oh oh, this feels like work!

I'm rewarding myself with a cup of coffee in advance of dealing with the litter tray.

Image result for cup of coffee image creative commons
Cioccolata calda || creative commons photo by Herrick
 No, not one of those!

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