Monday 30 September 2019

Monday 30th September - A day out?

A day out of sorts.

It started with watching a beautiful sunrise. Very pretty. Insert your own picture here.

The sun rises at about 20 minutes to six at the moment.

Even though it was one of those yellow to golden to red and then to daylight sunrises, I think I would have preferred a little more sleep.

Still, it made a propitious start to the day.

Off at eight am to collect my godmother (who lives fifty miles away) through fairly solid traffic. It is astonishing how roadworks on a major route can have a detrimental effect on traffic flow for miles and miles in every direction. We saw it happening when we visited at the weekend, and again today.

The logistics of getting a 91 year-old (it's her birthday today!) to a hospital appointment are quite something. You really do need two able-bodied people; one to manage the car parking side of things, and another to assist the patient into the hospital, find her a seat just before she collapses while you hunt down a wheelchair - friends, don't blame me - but I stole it from the lobby of another department - my need was greater than theirs at this precise moment - and at least I didn't evict the previous occupant from the wheelchair but found an empty one - and wheel your relative into the correct clinic.

Those wheelchairs, by the way, are interesting to deal with. They are immensly heavy, and Rear Wheel Steering. Think about it. Think about the size of doorways, the dangers of protruding elbows and shoulders, and the difficulty of starting and stopping and changing direction of the said contraptions.

However, her review went very positively, and we successfully reverse logisticated all the process without incident to get her back to her home. And yes, I did sort of abandon the wheelchair in a sort of random way, but when I went back to rescue it, someone else was already disappearing with it. Hot seating instead of hot desking or hot bunking.

We had lunch at her place - soup - and have arrived home tired, hungry and altogether finished with being careful and considerate and alert.

He is cooking a curry which we will be eating in six minutes from now. I have approximately 97 minutes of being awake left in me, as long as those minutes do not involve sitting, standing, lying down, watching, reading listening or speaking.

I expect she had fallen asleep long before we had reached the end of her driveway.

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