Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday 15th September - A Day of Rest (What's one of those?)

We have had a day off today.

I mean, there has been work 'for work' - I've run a vacuum cleaner around the floors downstairs, written a letter, emailed an invoice, finished cutting out Autumn Leaves.

I'll write up a couple of lessons from yesterday, and have a think through the lessons I will be teaching tomorrow.

And there has been work for my own pleasure - I've filled the blank page for this week in my diary;

started to sort out what my book might be about and written ideas into my lovely new notebook (oh, the satisfying feel of fountain pen gliding across smooth paper)

copied an episode from a different notebook (with much rougher and therefore unsatisfying paper) into this, one, and completed another episode

re-potted a fuschia cutting given to me by a friend, and paused to admire the sweet tiny cyclamens which are forming a small family gathering under the smoke bush.

Who knows, but I might even put in some ivy plants and bulbs ready for next Spring before suppertime?

All these 'worky' things haven't stopped it from feeling like a really, really restful day to carry me forward into next week.

It has felt like a blissful day of peace and quiet and sunshine and sitting in the garden to eat lunch or drink coffee (or wine in his case).

I hope you have a good week..

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