Friday 22 November 2019

Friday 22nd November - (Un)Typical day

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All days are untypical at the moment.

I don't usually teach on a Friday morning, but today I had three 'catch-up' lessons to do because of missing Monday, and therefore pushing Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning, and so Tuesday morning had to be pushed into Friday morning...

I don't usually visit anyone on Friday, but a lunchtime we went round to my Godmother (she couldn't work the television, she despises the ceiling light, no-one comes and helps her - probably because she never presses the call button) - anyway, she's cheering up because we are taking her back tomorrow. I aim to sleep all the way in the car - hopefully Himself won't follow suit as he is driving.

I usually relax out on a Friday afternoon, but today I had three music exam candidates to support, including accompanying one little lad.

Now we are having tea and cake, and going through Her ladyship's heaps of unfiled paperwork.

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Then it's drumming. Oh yes, that is typical for a Friday... I'm looking forward to zoning out to the rhythms of Kpanlogo, Kuku, Gahu, Fanti...

Normal service may be resumed soon!

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