Monday 11 November 2019

Monday 11th November - Bonus Post - Maybe

It seems odd to post before anything much has happened in the day - apart from getting dressed (which didn't happen yesterday!) and brushing my teeth and having breakfast (muesli with hot milk, excellent) and the First Coffee Of The Day.

But there has been news - our Canadian friends have a snow warning for up to 25cm of snow today - that's ten inches - I have to translate to get an idea of what 25 cm looks like. I'm trying to image ten inches of snow here where we live...I can remember when the children were small we had about three inches once. We have the photos somewhere, but not on the computer. If I find them I'll post them later.

We've only had a bit of frost. The sort that leaves a disc of ice floating on the top of a water-filled bucket, or a layer of slush on the windscreen of the car first thing in the morning, or that makes all the plans in the garden go from flowers to drunge overnight

 where have all those lovely purple and pinky-red flowers gone! At the moment the best thing in the garden is the triffid which increases in power and glory every day.

The Christmas cacti have been on the windowsill at the top of the stairs for a couple of months, and today I noticed that they are covered with buds. This has really cheered me up. Seeing the buds grow and expand into the most vibrant and exotic flowers is one of the big delights of this season.

Oh well. Time to get ready for work; the first piano pupil will arrive in 45 minutes, and the dining  room table is in an all-surpassing state of appallingosity, even by my standards.

I might just get down to the bare wood in time. Target - chuck/recycle ten things a day for the rest of November. On your marks, get set, GO!

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