Wednesday 20 November 2019

Wednesday 20th November 2019 - Resilience

I met some of the ladies who live at my Godmother's (rejected) nursing home when I dropped in at lunchtime.

She was sitting at a table with three ladies - let's call them Annie, Betty and Chris - not their real names, obviously. Although all three of them came to the home when they could no longer walk or look after themselves, they were cheerful, pragmatic about their situation, and took pleasure in each other's company.

I watched, listened, and learned about growing old gracefully, accepting one's limitations, making the best of things, being grateful, and finding happiness where you can.

That was a very enjoyable way to spend half hour, and brightened up a busy day.

Do you know what? I felt pretty strong all day! Now for tomorrow....

Isaiah 41:10

SUNDAY               Do not fear
MONDAY             I am with you
TUESDAY            Do not be dismayed
WEDNESDAY     I will strengthen you
THURSDAY         I will help you
FRIDAY               I will uphold you
SATURDAY         I am your God

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