Monday 24 February 2020

Monday 24th February - this isn't a totally a-typical day, to be honest

Today I have...

Done a page of 'pothooks' - it seems to be a good way of starting the day
made a list of outstanding tasks
Then I got up...

taught a piano lesson

put in a prescription request

wrapped three parcels, each with a letter, written a letter of condolence, written two more letters to accompany large heavy parcels still to be wrapped.

written emails to eight music students, another condolence rmail, a long 'catch-up' email to friends, acknowledgement of receipt of a book, and a 'thankyou for your email' email

Updated an inventory spreadsheet for work

Read a bit of the Parson's Tale from Chaucer's the Canterbury tales in the course of looking up how to spell 'accidie', and then following up this quotation

Envye and Ire maken bitternesse in herte; which bitternesse is moder of Accidie and binimeth him the love of alle goodnesse.

in which the word is used, in order to discover the meaning of 'binimeth' (it means 'to deprive or take away')

gone through two more of my god-mother's photogrpah albums and dealt with the contents ('keep, send to this person or that person, dispose')

Telephoned NS and I tosee what I have to do about my god-mother's deceased husband's premiium bonds which we found in a drawer; 'no, there are no outstanding prizes for this bond holder, no we can't disclose how many bonds there are over the telephone, you will have to download and complete these forms'

Downloaded the forms to reclaim the bonds and taken a deep breath at the information they require

Discovered that I can get a copy of his will and related grant of probate from the probate office online for the princely sum of £1.50

Emptied another shopping back of stuff associated with clearing my god-mother's house.

Stopped for lunch! 

Afterwards, for relaxation, I

sat and did a few rows of knitting,

made a start on creating a papier mache box (out of a cat food box and some old sheet music) to hold my book and diary and kindle and so on by my bedside table - getting generally gunked with PVA glue is somehow satisfying after all the word-smithing of this morning.

It's three o'clock! I've had a coffee and three chocolte biscuits and am ready to go!

I'll finish the box, teach two more lessons (4pm and 6pm) and then it will only be a few more hours untl bedtime! 

Himself has not been idle - errands and shopping around town, shifting two book cases upstairs in preparation for delivery of a new mattress later this week, emptying a shopping bag of my god-mother's stuff, and cooking lunch. The cats are now vying for his lap; whichever one has got possession finds themselves being 'stared out' by the other one... 

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