Thursday 26 March 2020

Thursday 26th March - I had a title

I had a snappy title for today's post, but I've forgotten it.

Now, I have remembered to take a picture of the primula that I just managed to save in time;

There. It's fine now, which is a relief! Little happinesses like these make the days chug along.

The solar powered dinosaur has been completed,

and was taken out to strut its stuff in the sun. Leo (one of the cats) came to investigate; she was confised by the disnosaur's apparently random stop-start motion, not realizing that it coincided with her moving around and blocking the light onto the solar panel. But then she's a cat. What does she know about solar power? 

Himslef's unearthed the bigger chess set, not the little one I gave him all those years ago which didn't have instructions, but the bells and whistles and (I thought) better one. It takes half a dozen C batteries - that gives you an idea of its age, so first step was to find a charger that would fit and be the right everything electronical to make it work.

(The meccano car and the jigsaw are lined up as possible next projects)

However it is apparently too clever;  on the easy levels it is extremely simple, and as soon as you choose more serious levels it becomes 'very obscure'. So the hunt is on to find the original 1980s version, all green and red LEDs. And then there will be batteries and chargers to look for...

Now this arrived in the post for me today - a comment from a fellow blogger nudged me into ordering at long last. Not Peter Wimsey detective fiction, but a selection of essays. I'm looking forward to reading it in due course.

Reading and books is getting a little out of hand. I really should get on and finish one of the books I am partway through before I start another, or indeed, buy any more. I'm 90% of the way through 'Tragedy at Law' by Cyril Hare, and the murder has only just happened - but I have no idea who dunnit. There is a butler of sorts in the plot...

 Other than that, everything carries on. The weather improves - colder this morning, but warmer this afternoon, and more has been done in the garden. We're all fine - my father, Himself and the offspring.

My biggest problem is not the fact that I can't go out anywhere, but that I am staying 24/7 in a household where There Be Biscuits. It would be soooo easy to spend my time grazing on biscuits, snacks, nuts, this that and the other. But I am determined to try and end this period weighing no more than when I started.

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  1. I have actually lost weight so far which is weird considering I only went out for the first time in 5 days today- We went for a lovely countryside walk which managed to avoid humans except for some stupid jogger who was doing his stupid stretches at the bisecting of two paths- er- move!!! We don't have many biscuits but we do have a box of 10 150g packets of beef crisps! Still haven't opened it as I lost my sense of smell and taste and it seemed a waste but since the senses are sort of slightly returning, maybe I might open them...x