Thursday 16 April 2020

Thursday 16th April - Sunny - Chilly - Sunny - Chilly

It's very clear to me that energy levels and cheerfulness are affected by the weather. My grandmother, who qualified as a doctor back in the 1920s, always declared that barometric pressure should be taken into account.

Yesterday was a bright, sunny, day - today is cloudy and cold. That could be a pretty accurate description of me yesterday and today!

I'm finding my day-to-day list of things that I could do, might do, should possibly do, is a great help in keeping me going. I don't necessarily do all the things on the list, or only do things on the list, but it gives a slight structure, and helps nudge me away from the cake tin!

I do feel a bit of a 'teenager' doing all the doodles and so on in my notebook - but hey - it's my book!

A page of postage-sized doodles picking out one thing from the day;

Colouring the squares as I complete each suggestion gives me a ridiculous amount of satisfaction.

Yesterday I finally completed sewing up a cardigan that I knitted over the course of last year. I had got stuck, as one of the seams was all wonky and lost the will to fix it.

and yesterday it was warm enough to wear it. Today I'm back in my winter fleece jacket.

Sorting out how to keep the household supplies coming in has been a bit of a challenge. We have neighbours and friends who will add a bit of shopping to their list, and we've ordered a box of meat from an on-line company. The pet shop half a mile away will let you buy and pay for cat food over the phone, and then bring it out to the car - you can part right outside their door. We discovered that during Tuesday's CATastrophe with the catflap. 

I've found a local company that used to supply local restaurants and caterers. They have re-organised themselves to sell boxes - choose fruit, or veg, or salad, and you get enough of what's available to feed a family of four. I added eggs to the order - they come in trays of 30!  I've shared the contents of the boxes and the eggs with a friend, and also gave some eggs to a neighbour who has been adding things for us - like breakfast cereal - to her list when she goes out. The boxes each have enough for a family of four; now that I've seen what's in them, I'll know what to expect next time.

I ended up with a sort of greengrocer's shop in the garden while we shared out the produce, keeping a safe 2 metres apart;

This is a tiny-weeny sketch that just fits beside the stamp on a postcard I sent to a friend. Himself goes to the post box for me as part of his daily exercise.!

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