Saturday 6 June 2020

Saturday 6th June - Possibly my last post ever...

Now here's a thing - they have updated blogger, and on the new version I cannot find how to create a new post.

Luckily I have found a place to click on 'revert to the old format' so I can post for now - but it is 'all change' in mid-June...

What was I going to post - well, nothing much.

It is the weekend - Saturday, the one day of the week with no scheduled activity.

I've finished the Pat of 'Silver Bush' series by L M Montgomery (author of 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'Emily Moon' other series). I discovered I could download EVERYTHING she published for 99p - now that's an offer I couldn't refuse. I say 'finished' - 'finshed with' might be closer. I skim-read the second book to see if she really did marry Jingle at the end because I was getting tired of all the twists and turns.

I've started 'The Family Upstairs' by Linda Jewel which is our book club read - a murder mystery which is switching back and forward through time. I think I'm going to have to stay with this one as I'm three chapters in and already confused. I was so grateful for the little symbols at the beginning of each chapter of Joanne Harris' 'The Lollipop Shoes' so I could keep track of who was narrating each chapter - something like this would be useful in 'The Family Upstairs'. No-one has been murdered yet, or rather, the deaths (suicide or murder?) occurred before the book starts, but the atmosphere is definitely pregnant with plot.

I've listened to a TED talk on 'Reading Slowly' - interesting, but didn't make me feel bad for skipping chunks and chunks of Pat and her obsessive love of Silver Bush Farm - never actually described as obsessive in the book, but I would be worried for her if it hadn't turned out all right in the end.

I do want to add a square to the scrap blanket - it is easy mindless knitting, but McCavity has adopted it. I have to wait for my chance.

I'm using up a whole load of scraps of yarn left over from my godmother's house, and from projects that I remember doing in the past, and scraps that I have no idea where they came from.  You just add on a square when you feel like it (which is NOW, as it happens). I'm using very short needles which are a joy to knit with. (But that hairy electric blue square was a mistake - oh well, McCavity doesn't care and I don't either).

It is very quiet when I pause in rattling the keys, just the ticking clock (a bit brisk for Pat of Silver Bush, I wouldn't mind betting).

Leo-the-cat has just come in. By the sound of the miaow, her plate is empty...

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  1. Click on "posts" then bottom right is an orange circle with a cross in it. Click on that and the familiar "new post" page will appear. Please try it, and don't stop blogging! If you get stuck, go to my blog and email me and I will try and help. You're not alone in being baffled!