Tuesday 16 June 2020

Tuesday 16th June - Last Week

Last week - what happened? Where did it go?

It was a bit of a grey week, to be honest. We both felt a bit 'monochrome' - and for why?

Maybe it was just the greyer weather, after these apparently unending weeks of sunshine.

For my part, I can put some of it down to a really vicious insect bite on my ankle, which I got when I was planting beans in one of the patio pots at the beginning of June. I took a photo - would you like to see? I thought not.

I reckon it was a horsefly, and it took two bites, which became so ferociously itchy and swollen that for the first week I had to apply ice packs and slather the area in Germolene to stop myself from doing myself a damage. Although it was over two weeks ago, the bites still suddenly flare up into a murderous itchiness, and, weirdly, I now have 'restless leg syndrome', where my feet won't stay still, but want to be constantly on the move. Was this the bite? It started around that time - I've only just (after a sleepless night a few days ago) worked out what was going on and why I couldn't get to sleep.

Google 'restless legs' if you dare; it can be caused by all kinds of things ranging from seriously problematical or just needing to boost your iron intake. I've chosen the latter, so am eating even more broccoli and spinach. Best Beloved needs only the slightest encouragement to buy steak so thinkgs should be looking up soon. Or, in the case of my feet, slowing down!

It hasn't been all monochromatic, though; the patchwork blanket, which McCavity thinks is entirely for her benefit, has been growing

Trying to finish off a patch while she is sitting on it is tricky, and I think she was resenting the activity. The crochet rug under the magazine is the one I am making as a wedding present. It is still on target; I'm adding one 200g ball per month, so It should reach the required size by August.

And zoom is proving a bit of a bonus; we have met with relatives in Florida and Canada, and I'm also having regular meetings with a group of friends who used to live reasonably close to each other but over the years have spread round the UK, such that we could only get together every couple of years.

Now that we have discovered this method of meeting, I think we shall be continuing.

It reminds me of the coffee and cake (and Bible study when we were in the mood!) group that I used to go to at our church, called 'Ten-25'. The name did cause a fair bit of confusion, as we actually met at 10am, not 10:25; we took the name from Hebrews, Chapter 10, verse 25;

25Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another,  

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