Saturday, 22 August 2020

Saturday 22nd August - probably

 I spent most of yesterday confused as to which day it was - Friday or Saturday? and the date - 20th, 21st, or 22nd?

I managed to get everything right until Thursday, which was lucky as I had a piano lesson to teach in the morning, and then I lost count.

It's ok today - definitely Saturday. I'm sorted out. Although it was a bit tricky this morning. I'm following a prayer book in the morning, with a psalm and another reading and a couple of prayers etc for each day and discovered that yesterday I had done half of today's pages and half of yesterday's pages. Easily rectified once I understood why some of the words looked familiar. This morning I just did the other half of yesterday and the other half of today - I guess, like eating your meal in the wrong order, ice-cream and then main course, it all comes to the same in the end.

I took my regular exercise today, starting with stretching, to read the coffee-pod-recycling-gizmo which for some time had been stored on top the the fridge (fairly easily within my reach) to on top of the cupboards (full stretch up on tiptoe and just catch it with my fingertips)

Then I moved on to working whichever muscles live in my upper arms and shoulders as I put the tub of used coffee pods through the gizmo - 

it really is the most satisfying of all the household chores at the moment;

look here is how it works;

You see that bright green thingy, you just place a used coffee pod over the hole 

like this;

put the cover on and push down. There's a sticky-outy bit inside the lid which inside-outs the coffee pod, emptying most of the grounds onto the base. You can see the startled remains of the first couple of pods alongside their fellows in the red bowl.


Then I add water to the bowl of disembowelled pods and give them a quick swirl. The cleaned pods are fished out and put into the recycling, the coffee-ground-water goes into the tub of flowers by the front door (I wonder if visitors will eventually find themselves greeted by a strong smell of coffee as they wait for the door to be opened?) and I finish my morning workout with a brisk walk to the compost bin with the contents of the base unit.


Back in the dim and distant past (a few months ago) we took them back to the Nespresso booth at the supermarket and then dealt with it all. But neither of us have been near a supermarket since all the coronavirus stuff got started.

How times have changed this year...

And yet, apart from me having a desperate wish to go and have coffee and a cake (preferably a miniature Koign-Amann from Waterstones) I have been reasonably happy and content. 


Oh yeah. A Koign-Amann please, soon. (they are far too fiddly to make, and anyway, I wouldn't dare have a whole batch of them in the house to eat because I would so entirely eat them all)

So, instead, I made a batch of 3-ingredient scones. These are amazing - you can find the recipe here   and I strongly recommend that you acquire lemonade, double cream and self-raising flour immediately. Also clotted cream and strawberry jam.

I cooked them in our air-fryer, 185c for 15 mins seemed to do the trick. I can show you how they came out, no, wait, there were seven but unaccountably there are only two left.

They were indeed that good. Next time I will make half the amount (just use a smaller cup; a yoghurt pot sized cup made 7 scones) so that I can cook them in just one batch, and also restrict how many I consume in one go.

There is also a recipe for a savoury version

I wonder how they would come out if I used ginger ale? 


  1. A fun read. It's hard to keep track of what day it is amidst the turmoil of politics and the virus and just plain ordinary life.

  2. Too true! Hopefully I'll get back on track tomorrow....

  3. Scones sound good, thanks for the recipes!