Saturday 8 August 2020

Saturday 8th August - Seeing into the future

The readings in my prayer book this week have been from Paul's letter to the Romans, and often been about death and resurrection.

 I read somewhere that three days and three nights is the period of darkness at the time of the new moon, and so, in 'olden times' before artificial light, be it candles or electric, three days was a significant time, especially in winter, I suppose, when nights were long and cold.

So Jonah was three days in the fish's belly, which famously presages the days of Christ's death and resurrection.

Here, in this blog, the Vicar (Rector?) of Haworth Parish Church highlights other occasions when events in the Old Testament become significant when viewed through the other end of the telescope, as it were.

If you enjoy these threads weaving through time, you may enjoy this post.

I suspect the blog post title is influence by his wife's profession as a textile artist.


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