Friday, 4 September 2020

Friday 4th September - Everyone needs their own shed

 Mine is in the dining room. This chair is very comfortable for sitting and reading, and you get a good light over your shoulder.

When I am teaching the piano via zoom, I place the tablet on the standing desk, open it up and angle the screen so that it can 'see' me and the piano keyboard, and then I refer to this as the Music Room. I can then stand at the desk later to write up the lesson notes. 

Now that I have cleaned the windows (this morning's Major Achievement) I can gloat over the sparkling clarity of the glass on the inside, and try not to be too impatient for the window cleaner's next visit.

Here's a slightly different angle, incorporating the end of the dining room table. When I am sitting painting I refer to this as my Art Studio.

Having the paints always ready means that it is easy for me to add a little picture when I send a letter or postcard;

This little bowl of flowers (marigolds, in case you though they might be pansies) has been a delight for several weeks now.

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