Sunday, 22 November 2020

Sunday 22nd November - Stir up Sunday

Having finished all my 'work' (I think - there's always something overlooked) I had  lazy day today. Which also meant no words chalked up outside the house.

And, in spite of it being 'Stir up Sunday' I didn't get around to doing any stirring, not of cake, or puddings, or trouble.

The cat and I shared a peaceful morning upstairs. She slept, and I read, listened to music, and did some Christmas card thinking

Though how I turn these into lino cuts is another problem. I've had a go at using the narrowest blade, but I find it very hard to control.

I started carving this one out yesterday with the fine blade, but soon changed to a broader one which has made the lines coarser than I wanted.;

I made a very rough trial print using coloured felt tip pen instead of getting out the proper ink which is why it is so faint;

but it is enough to show that the white lines are thicker than I wanted. More practice - live and learn. I'll have another go tomorrow, maybe. 

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