Thursday 12 November 2020

Thursday 12th November - Catching up with Drawings

 Today it was still dark when we opened the curtains - darker than this, maybe. The crescent moon was lying there, looking as sleepy as I felt, and below, the Morning Star (Venus) twinkling away. Worth waking up for. Then, a minute later, when I wasn't watching, a huge black cloud had materialized and blotted out the whole sky. I felt totally justified in going back to bed. 'Nothing to see here, folks'.


I'd got a day behind with drawing, so filled an empty page with a rough 'Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn' sketch, partly to remind myself of what Spring and Summer were, once Winter has properly set in. 

A pile of Autumn leaves; rather blurred and out of focus; I quite like the effect. It isn't as though I had put much detail into the drawing in the first place. I sort of arranged greens and browns and reds and oranges into a pile, and added the leaves once the paint was dry. 


  1. I think that is a lovely painting and I really enjoy seeing your sketches too.

    1. Thanks - these leaves feel like a bit of a cheat as I put splodges of watercolourcolour on the page, and then let my pen doodle around once the paint was dry; seemed to work.