Tuesday 17 November 2020

Tuesday 17th November - Taking a walk


I just had time to chalk this up as we set off for a walk round the block this morning. I'm full of good resolutions, and going for a daily walk is one of them, but I am fast coming to the conclusion that I need to go in the morning, as after-lunch-lethargy can a to easily get too strong a grip on me.

I remember that Nanny always insisted that the three Fossil child had a walk every day up and down the Cromwell Road in London, and how dull they found it, and what a long, long road they thought it. This was in the book 'Ballet Shoes' by Noel Streatfield.  (My copy was a tattered green cloth bound hardback from - where? a second hand shop, or school bazaar, back in the 1960s? Long gone now). The roads around here are more interesting, if you like flowers and dogs and watching people and just thinking about things.  

Today was a very active day - I actually did my exercises before I came down, and also finished washing the bedroom windows. So that must be three times the amount of exercise I usually manage to do.


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  1. I agree- it's better to do it in the morning! I love a daily walk. Ballet Shoes is such a good book and I adore all the Noel Streatfield I've read!