Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Wednesday 11th November - Something different happened

 Yesterday we had great excitements!

(How little it takes to create such a major event in our everyday lives at the moment)

We had unblocking of drains. Again! Twice in one year!

Let's explain; we are the third in line of four houses which share a sewer running along at the back of each house. The first house is where the drain turns a right angle to follow the driveway and connect with a bigger sewer in the road.

We are in house number three, so the other half of our semi is the fourth, and last house, of this little run.

They are now sufficiently aged (they have lived there since these houses were built in 1955 and are now closer to 90 years old than 85) to have stopped having baths and just showering instead. 

However, showers hadn't been thought of as a standard facility back in those days; everyone was assumed to have a bath once a week, twice if necessary, so in an average household that would have been four baths of water whooshing along every week.

So the length of drain between their house and ours just isn't getting the water flow that it was designed for, and after seven months it (the drain) had become congested. Packed. Full.

Well, what a running of bath taps and kitchen sink taps, and ferreting around with poky sticks, and aiming of jets of water up the pipes and coming to look and see, and shoutings over the fence there was!

I didn't take any pictures.

No-one would have wanted to see what we could see (far less smell what we could smell)   

However all's well that end's well, and we have suggested that they send a bathful of water down the drain once, preferably twice?, a week... 


  1. Hurrah! Glad that it is fixed! Hopefully it will sort it out if they do a bath-worth of water! Our boiler has repeatedly been playing up. I swear that Vaillant deliberately make them with timers so faults happen. This time the sensor was saying that the water was empty...when it wasn't so it kept flipping out! We've had the boiler man out 4 times in the 2.5 years we've lived here and it was only 2 years old when we bought the house.